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DataCore presenta Enterprise-Class Virtual SAN a VMware vForum 2014 Eventi - 5 giugno a Milano; 10 giugno a Roma

10th Generation SANsymphony-V Software-Defined Storage Platform delivers End-to-End Storage Services to Virtual SANs, Converged Appliances, Flash Devices, Physical SANs, Networked and Cloud Storage

At the European VMware events (Brussels, Madrid, Paris, Milan and Rome) DataCore Software, a leader in software-defined storage, will present to the VMware community the latest enhancements to it’s SANsymphony™-V10 software. The 10th generation of DataCore’s software-defined storage platform significantly advances virtual SAN capabilities designed to achieve the fastest performance, highest availability and optimal use from flash and disk storage directly attached to application hosts and clustered servers in virtual, server-side SAN use cases.

DataCore’s new SANsymphony-V10 virtual SAN is a software-only solution that automates and simplifies storage management and provisioning while delivering enterprise-class functionality for business continuity, remote site replication, data protection, automated recovery and significantly faster performance. Also SANsymphony-V10 delivers the industry’s most comprehensive set of features and services to manage, integrate and optimize Flash-based technology as part of a virtual SAN deployment or within an overall storage infrastructure. SANsymphony-V10 scales performance to more than 50 Million IOPS and to 32 Petabytes of capacity across a cluster of 32 servers, making it one of the most powerful and scalable systems in the marketplace.

“Our Enterprise-Class virtual SAN offering surpasses competing products which are incapable of sustaining serious workloads and providing a growth path to physical SAN assets. Competing solutions may also be tied to a specific server hypervisor, rendering them unusable in all but the smallest branch office environments or non-critical test and development scenarios”, said Michel Portelli, Director Marketing EMEA at DataCore. “We will show clients how to get started with a highly performant stretchable and scalable virtual SAN. SANsymphony-V enables companies to create large scale and modular ‘Google-like’ infrastructures that leverage heterogeneous and commodity storage, servers and low-cost networking to transform them into enterprise-grade production architectures.”

vForum 2014 with 24 events, addresses both partners and end users and is focused around the main topics of Software-Defined Data Centres and Hybrid Cloud. The program of presentations, demos, showcases, break-out sessions and partner networking opportunities informs users how to consolidate data centers efficiently and what is needed to evolve inflexible legacy environments into agile infrastructures supporting virtualised mission-critical applications. In this environment, DataCore virtual SANs are ideal solutions for clustered servers, VDI desktop deployments, remote disaster recovery and multi-site virtual server projects, as well as those demanding database and business application workloads running on server platforms.

DataCore SANsymphony-V in VMware Virtual Infrastructures
DataCore SANsymphony-V delivers a simple and scalable high availability solution to meet vSphere™ shared storage requirements. The hardware-agnostic storage virtualisation software abstracts and pools internal and external disks along with flash/SSDs to yield lightning-fast response, non-stop access and optimal use of capacity. A plug-in for VMware vCenter allows users to easily and non-disruptively provision, share, clone, replicate and expand virtual disks among physical servers and virtual machines.

Thousands of data centers around the globe deploy DataCore to cost-effectively meet the high-performance and high-availability storage requirements of their physical and virtual servers. "By making use of the DataCore solution within the virtual infrastructure created by VMware vSphere and VDI, we ensure that we meet these corporate requirements, and also guarantee optimal cost efficiency as a result of the hardware independence of the solution. This affects both the direct investment and the indirect and long-term cost of refreshes, expansions and added hardware acquisitions. We have thus created the technical basis for our external IT services, and within this framework we are creating the most flexible and varied range of cloud services possible," said Dr. Karl Manfredi CEO at Brennercom, a leading ICT company.

DataCore presents Enterprise-Class Virtual SAN at Europe at Vmware vForum 2014:
  • May 22nd , Brussels
  • May 22nd, Madrid
  • June 5th, Paris
  • June 5th, Milan
  • June 10th, Rome
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To arrange a meeting with DataCore representatives contact
Special Offer to VMware vExperts, VCPs and VCIs
DataCore Software is offering a free 1 year Not-for-resale (NFR) license to VMware vExperts, VMware Certified Professionals and VMware Certified Instructors. The NFR licenses can be used
in non-production environments, for evaluations, demonstrations and training purposes. VMware vExperts, VCPs and VCIs can access and download the software from the DataCore website at

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